Dominik Told

Bass Player/Composer

professional Bass Player/Composer

Bringing you root notes from the alps, solid and tasty, Dominik is a trilingual professional session musician from Merano (North Italy).

Not only offering a wide variety of electric-, synth- and upright bass playing, which made it possible for him to travel around internationally several times doing tours, theatre shows and recording sessions, he also composes for film, TV and game and works as a professional audio engineer, videographer and photographer.

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North Italian born, Dominik Told lives and works in Meran (IT), Berlin, London and internationally. Playing the classical guitar from the age of 9 and the electric guitar from the age of 11, he started picking up the bass with 13. Having found his instrument, he moved to London to study at the University Of West London. Graduating from the Higher Diploma in Popular Music Performance he moved on to the Bmus(Honours) course which he graduated from with a first in 2013.

During his studies, Dominik got involved in several projects and found new interests in Music Technology and recording. He started working part time in several studios as a producer, recording- and mix-engineer for different bands and vocalists in in all kinds of genres.

With the foundation of his studies and the experience he gained by playing a vast amount of performances in all kinds of styles it was only natural to develop a hunger for composing. After living and working as a full time professional musician in the UK for 9 years he relocated to Berlin, Germany where he gained further experience in the film industry,

In 2019, Dominik moved back home to Meran, Italy and he is now thriving to be a full time professional composer for Film, TV and the gaming industry. He is still enjoying international touring and sharing the stage with all kinds of artists and theatre shows putting his skills as a bass player and musical director to work.

On top of all that he has a big passion for tour- and live-photography as well as filming and editing live performance videos of fellow artists and musicians.


Josh Turner Guitar - Loves Me Like A Rock (Paul Simon) from the Graceland Live UK Tour

Vino Rosso - Live

Natalie Weiss - Live in London

Kickstarters - Live Studio Session


With his interests in playing different instruments such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, all kinds of basses, piano and more, Dominik adds a natural flavour to his compositions. Through his experience with sound effects from guitar pedals, EFX rigs and synth patches, which he needed in his career as a musician and by being a videographer himself, Dominik knows how to achieve a certain sound which fits the needs of the picture.

Composing Showreel

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Inappropriate OST - Short Film

Space Ranger OST - Short Film

Oneira OST - Short Film


Musical Theatre

-Graceland Live (2019), UK

-The Simon and Garfunkel Story (2018/19), UK/Interational

-Nashville Live! Tour (2018/19), UK/AUS/NZ

-You Got A Friend Tour (2018) UK, DK

-You Got A Friend Tour (2017), UK

-Piece Train Tour (2017), UK

-Lilly Atkinson (2016), UK

-It Follows Movie Screening, Red Bull Studios (2016), UK

-Bad Girls (2016), UK

-Muted Showcase (2016), UK

-Duke Whittington (2016), UK

-Ultimate Broadway (2015), Shanghai

-Defect (2015), UK

-Megan McCall (2015), UK

-Natalie Weiss (2014), UK

-A Very West-End Christmas (2014), UK

-West End Switched-Off (2014), UK

-Equally (2014), UK

-Another Way (2013), UK

-Streets! (2013), UK

-Rent (2013), UK

-West-End Fest (2012/13/14), UK

-West-End Sundays (2012), UK

-God Of The Empty Tomb (2008), IT

-Tabaluga (2007), IT

-Oliver (2006), IT

Teacher at the Berlin and London institute of BIMM


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